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Arena Drags™ Racing System

Using patented, innovative roller technology, the Showdown USA V-Drag™ Racing System gives the audience and drivers the excitement and energy of high performance drag racing inside major arenas across the country. From the comfort of your seat you see every burnout, every hole shot, and every checkered flag. It’s match racing like you’ve never seen it before.

Cars are secured on the Arena Drag Racing platform with their drive wheels positioned on specially designed rollers. At the green light, both cars accelerate and the system records performance of the drivers over a quarter mile. Racers must use their best driving skills and extract the highest performance from their cars and motorcycles to win. Miss a shiftyou lose. Too much wheel spin at the starting lineyou lose. Over-rev your engine and it can blow up.

A high definition graphic representation of the race is shown on screens positioned for the drivers' orientation. The real progress of the racers is electronically deciphered and accurately depicted on giant screens for the audience to follow. At the finish line, the audience sees each car's speed and elapsed time as well as RPM, trap speed, and other data.


Vehicle Retention – The system utilizes roller platforms that allow several cars or motorcycles to drag race while remaining in a stationary position. The cars are secured by a series of winches and straps that hold the car from two directions to keep the drive wheels positioned over the rollers. The system provides resistance to simulate the real track conditions of a street or drag strip. As the competitors' cars exert force to turn the rollers positioned under their tires, the system collects data to determine reaction times, elapsed time (E.T.) and speed over a distance.

Ignition and Fuel Kill Switch  - Each vehicle will be equipped with a wireless ignition harness that allows the engine and fuel pump to be instantly deactivated by a safety official at the push of a button. This is reliable and proven equipment can be easily installed or removed on a vehicle. All contestants in the racing segments of the show, as well as those performing on the floating driving surface, will be required to have this device

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